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Retour au Travail


Back to work today and no more champagne and Christmas cake for breakfast or chocolates and cheese for tea!

After this year’s extra long festive season packed full of family fun and parties with good friends it is time to get back to routine. It feels good to tidy up and get back to “normal” (whatever normal is). Even clearing up after our crazy Mexican NYE party  and taking the Christmas decorations down felt cathartic.

This Christmas has helped me to learn to let go of things I can’t change and emphasised how grateful I am to have such amazing family and friends.  It made my Christmas that  my family travelled via ‘trains, planes and automobiles’ to celebrate with us here in France.

I am looking forward to the fresh start that a New Year brings and turning the page.  Are you ready for the next chapter?

Happy New Year!

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The Joy of January

A time to hibernate  – January is usually the perfect antidote to a very busy festive season.  After 2,000 miles of driving from France and around the UK to visit family and friends I wasn’t expecting to bring back an unwanted present of flu and a throat infection.

I lost my voice and had to give up on work and retreat to my bed.When I felt a bit better I kept warm in front of the log fire snuggled in my crochet blanket.


Having no energy meant I had to take it easy and rest. On a positive note I had time to appreciate the simple things and be grateful that I could take time out to nurture myself and enjoy my home.

The benefits of our wood fired cooker and home made soup.

I appreciated drinking out of my new mug, wearing my new bed socks and reading books.

I lit candles, tea lights and lanterns to give a cosy glow on the dark evenings.  Dosed myself up with natural remedies and drank honey, lemon and whisky.

So now after three long weeks of cocooning I am finally emerging into 2016 blinking into the sunlight!!


The best remedy