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Time to Shine

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No-one told me that recuperating after an operation takes so much time and patience. The lack of energy has been a big shock and just getting up and showered is an achievement!   I am on the mend now and realise that as frustrating as it is I have to pace myself.

Due to the heatwave, la canicule, we have found ourselves living in one of the hottest places in France…hotter than the south of France!  Temperatures in le Morvan, Nievre are 37 degrees and rising as hot as Casablanca and Algeria.  Searching for a cool spot I have swopped resting on my bed for the hammock.

The hammock hangs in the garden between two old nut trees and has been lowered so that it makes it a bit easier for me to get in and out!

Encore une journee de soleil et de chaleur. Another day of sun and heat. The trees envelope me in their cool, green shade and an occasional gentle breeze makes the hammock gently sway.  I look up and focus on my breathing taking slow and deep breaths in and out.  The heat descends like a heavy blanket and even the crickets are quiet.  The only sounds are the repetitive thunk, thunk, thunk of someone in the village adding to their wood pile and the occasional distant burst of chatter from an excited child.

The warmth of the sun, the fragrant leaves, the muffled sounds lull my senses.  I feel calm….my jumbled thoughts drift away….I have found my perfect spot.

Soon my body will be recharged and I will rejoin the world brighter than before!




Slip between the sheets 

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We’re in the middle of a heatwave in Le Morvan and it is hotter than the south of France.

During the day when the heat is on we jump in the local lac but at night it’s a different story!  Luckily our collection of vintage French linen is beautifully cool to the touch. Collected over a few years from brocantes, our linen treasures have pretty details, monograms and exquisite embroidery. 

It was the tradition to embroider bed linen as part of a young bride’s trousseau and back in the Middle Ages linen was worn next to the skin by those who could afford it. The wicking properties of linen means that it soaks up moisture and you don’t end up with clammy sheets sticking to you. Perfect for these hot summer nights.

Buy linens  or Metis – a linen and cotton mix – as crisp as you can find and they will soften up after washing.

The simple linen sheet in the photo has a hand stitched centre seam which reveals that it is at least a hundred years old.  It is harder to find the linen bargains now but they are still out there waiting to be uncovered.