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Allez hop, au boulot!

Let’s get to work!

We’ve only got to get through this 4 day week and we get ANOTHER day off.


Monday 08 May commemorates V E Day and then there is another Bank Holiday on Thursday 25 May for Ascension Day.

Not to mention 05 June Pentecost Monday!

Pas mal!

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Retour au Travail


Back to work today and no more champagne and Christmas cake for breakfast or chocolates and cheese for tea!

After this year’s extra long festive season packed full of family fun and parties with good friends it is time to get back to routine. It feels good to tidy up and get back to “normal” (whatever normal is). Even clearing up after our crazy Mexican NYE party  and taking the Christmas decorations down felt cathartic.

This Christmas has helped me to learn to let go of things I can’t change and emphasised how grateful I am to have such amazing family and friends.  It made my Christmas that  my family travelled via ‘trains, planes and automobiles’ to celebrate with us here in France.

I am looking forward to the fresh start that a New Year brings and turning the page.  Are you ready for the next chapter?

Happy New Year!

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Work from Home and Save the World

Research research from a U.S. car insurance company reveals that working from home can make you happier, healthier and more efficient. Working from home, or remote working, works for me and I really am in a remote location, deep in the heart of the French countryside. No more driving or commuting to work means massive oil, petrol savings and massive reduction in greenhouse gases Save an average of 109 hours a year of wasted commute time. And the health benefits…. lower blood pressure, lower stress levels, healthier eating. It’s obvious…a happy employee = a productive employee Don’t take my word for it. Check out the attached infographic and see how working from home, for even one day a week, can improve your environment and your life.