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Galette des Rois

It is the 6th January and we are celebrating the Epiphany, the end of the festive season with more food! On this occasion it is a cake called the King’s Cake or the Galette de Rois.

It is a frangipane pastry cake made with with a feve or lucky charm hidden inside.  This custom dates back to pagan times when beans would have been used. The feves are tiny figurines, often babies and the three Kings made of porcelain. Nowadays the feves come in all sorts of shapes and are sometimes made of plastic.

Families have fun collecting the lucky charms and you often see baskets full of little feves on sale at Brocantes.

The cake is sliced and whoever finds the feve chooses the King and Queen for the evening. 

Qui sera la Reine, que sera le Roi? Who is going to be the Queen,  who is going to be King?

  Bon Appetit.


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