mon coeur de campagne

living a simpler, rural French life

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Advice From A Tree


Tree words


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Bonjour et Bienvenue


mono pic house

Hi everyone

After much procrastination I have decided to push the publish button on my new-look blog.

I haven’t posted for a long time partly because I have been dithering about the design and layout of my blog and partly because I spend way too long working on my pc, laptop or ipad for my day job – so the last thing I want to do is to spend more time sitting in front of a screen.

After advice from friends and fellow bloggers in particular big thanks to Jacqui at for taking the time to share her valuable advice on blogging which really helped me to focus.

I was finally spurred to take action with the words of wisdom from Ali Davis a coach and mentor who moved from Ireland to Canada to follow her goals….simply to just take the first imperfect step.  Click on the link below to hear more from Ali.

So welcome to MY first imperfect step…my work in progress…my  blog about living the life in rural France…running my own business from home and the trials, tribulations and mostly sheer joy of living the dream!

Hope you join me for the ride!


Parc Life in the snow

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snowy view

Living in a stone house is lovely and cool in the summer but fffffffrrrrreeeezing in the winter.  Thought we had cracked it this year with extra carpets, insulation and a wood fire cooker but…

The temperature dropped, the wood struggled to catch light and the wood fire cooker started to smoke us out of the house.  So we are back to relying on our good old Godin burner and wrapping up in layers of clothes.

Today the pipes downstairs were frozen – more insulation needed – lesson learnt!  Even the wood pile was frozen.

Well you did want to live on a hill….my friend Ange reminded me!  I know and I do love it.

I have walked the dog every day despite the cold and it’s invigorating.

The sun shone this morning and we went for a walk down at the lac.  The scenery is stunning, snow on the hills and a blue sky.

Le Morvan is beautiful even in the cold.



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